“A beautiful film to watch, full of love, energy
and insight from start to finish.”
SFT Magazine

Riptide Poster Landscape072021 - 150dpi

Premiered at the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2020, and currently screening at festivals worldwide

BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE at Beyond The Curve International Film Festival (Paris)

BEST DRAMA FEATURE FILM at Hallucinea Film Festival (Paris)

SPECIAL MENTION AWARD at the Big Syn International Film Festival (London)

Details at RIPTIDE’s website HERE

Our third and latest feature film, written / directed / produced by Tim Barrow, RIPTIDE is a Scottish schizophrenia love story road movie.

Jacob is discharged from a psychiatric hospital. He attempts to resume his life in Edinburgh, control his schizophrenia and be a worthy member of society. He works collecting litter from the streets. He boxes. He takes his medication. He writes everything down. His Dad barely wants to know him.

Frustrated by this banal existence and encouraged by his psychiatrist to seek fulfilling opportunities, Jacob sets off north to the Highlands. By the sea he finds the charismatic Eva, who claims to be the secret daughter of Ingmar Bergman. And she’s on a mission.


“You can’t take your eyes away from the film,
and you just need to know how things will play out.
Five stars all the way”
The Edinburgh Reporter


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