Our films are available to purchase on DVD.

Each sale is greatly valued, as it helps fund the pursuit of what we love. We’re honoured to have posted DVDs all across the world – to countries including the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Greece and Morocco.



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Our award-winning Scottish road movie in full HD, plus a 60 min documentary detailing how we made an award-winning indie film for £5,000. Cover design by the amazing Cherry Truluck.

“Essential purchase for anyone with an interest in shoestring filmmaking… Aspiring Spielbergs are advised to ditch the textbook and get it from the horses’ mouth”  
Sky Movies

£13.99 [ postage / packaging included ]



Our Edinburgh love story in full HD, plus the theatrical trailer. Artwork by the incredible Angela Milton, inspired by Louise Lacaille’s beautiful photography.

“Ambitious and daring… why we at TLFR spend time supporting independent film and filmmakers.  A complex, visually poetic and lyrical work that keeps you engaged from start to finish”
The London Film Review

£12 [ postage / packaging included ]


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