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Sound design progress…

Posted: January 29, 2019 in Uncategorized
Burns Night found us working in London with Dan Johnson on Riptide’s sound edit at the magnificent Molinare post-production house in Soho. Amazing to hear the sound design coalescing, and a privilege to benefit from Dan’s ideas. His work is taking our film to another level. And we even found time to toast Burns with a late-night whisky!
Sound is a vital element of schizophrenia – with auditory hallucinations a key symptom of the disorder. We have to create soundscapes that do justice to the personal experiences of our characters, whilst steering clear of stigma and well-worn, incorrect tropes. We’re guided by authenticity and nuance, and the opportunities afforded by our own particular tale. It’s an incredible journey for us as film-makers.
Another few months and the design will be complete. Then we can set about launching our film into the world.